PhoneBoy Reviews GotVoice’s had another nice welcome from PhoneBoy (no, we’re not related), a prolific VOIP, telecom and technology blogger with an affable writing style. He explains things…

Check out his review of GotVoice and you’ll see what I mean. GotVoice is an interesting service that takes voicemail messages from different voicemail services (including VOIP ones) and sends them to your email inbox. You get convenient access to all your voice messages in one place. He also points out a few shortcomings of that I hasten to address. Thanks PhoneBoy!

3 thoughts on “PhoneBoy Reviews GotVoice

  1. PhoneBoy

    The other thing you have to worry about with the VoIP providers is local calls. Depending on where you live, your local telco may or may not charge you to make a local call. On a pay-per-use VoIP, distance is irrelevant, so you end up paying for all the calls you make, including local ones. At least in the US, it’s impossible to know–in most cases–how long you spend on local calls on your landlines.

    Make sure you factor local calls into the equation or you could end up paying more than you expect.

  2. Randell

    You use less than 400 minutes of long distance – now. Partly because we’ve all been trained since birth “long distance costs money”. When I was young, a long distance call was a Big Deal, and an international call was a HUGE Deal. Even unlimited local wasn’t common until later.

    Since we switched our verizon landline to unlimited usage, we (me, my wife, my inlaws) use a LOT more long-distance minutes than we did before. People with big minutes packages on cells (or unlimited night/weekend/family, which is common) use a LOT more minutes than if it was all 2 cents per minute.

    The son of our (Worldgate’s) CEO has dinner every night with his girlfriend; however, they’re hundreds of miles apart. While cooking dinner, they start an Ojo call (videophone call; in their kitchens, and talk and “hang out” while cooking and eating dinner. If that was costing money per minute, you can be sure that they wouldn’t be doing that.

    Whenever my parents call me (when it’s not an Ojo call), I tell them to hang up, and I call them right back, since we have unlimited long distance. Then we may talk for an hour.

  3. Randell

    Ugh, sorry, website design makes it unclear which article you’re commenting on… I meant to add this to the next one (Generational Gap).


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