VOIP Services for Canadians

A friend of mine recently asked about VOIP services in Canada. Like me, he started with Vonage but has decided to look elsewhere. We both live in Vancouver and want a local 604 number. I discovered that at this point, there aren’t a lot of options. Thus began a search for services that support Canadian area codes.

I found that Mark Evans, a Canadian technology blogger, has a nice list. I’ve added a few names to it here:

Added Sept. 25:


17 thoughts on “VOIP Services for Canadians

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  2. ralphgra

    I tried VOiP from Primus for about two weeks. The service kept cutting out. So I returned all the gear. Here’s the strange part: Primus had no interest why I was returning the equipment.

  3. Paul Emond

    Hi …

    Just wanted to let you know about Versature, a Canadian VoIP provider for Small Business in Canada. We do have Canada-wide capabilities, including 604 numbers in Vancouver.

    Best Regards,


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  5. Peter Harding

    Hello, do you have any ideas regarding voip hardware suppliers for individuals and small business (1-5) in Canada. Companies carrying Linksys and Grandstream? Because of the small quantities buying from the us is usually too expensive because they usually use shipping services that charge too much brokerage. So a Company that ships from Canada to Canada wouldn’t have such problems.

  6. Adam Tuira

    Here is another, easyofficephone.com. We have a small company in Hamilton, Ontario and we use easy office phone’s voice over ip service with their hosted pbx (phone system) technology. It’s great becase we have an automated attendant and can transfer customers to each other using our voip phones!

  7. Robyn Lau

    Here’s another really good VoIP provider in the Vancouver area that does everything from single hosted solutions for small businesses all the way up to 300-400 seat businesses. The flexibility and ease of use along with the 24/7 support is a really nice change from the old telco’s who make you wait up to 3 weeks just for a service call. Effective, efficient and great prices.

  8. Eddie Davis

    OneConnect is the leading provider of hosted IP Communications in Canada with the most effective and reliable business-class solutions across North America. OneConnect hosts and manages our customer’s telecommunication systems to allow businesses to free up IT resources and increase telecom reliability, costs savings, and increase focus on core competencies. OneConnect’s solution integrates voice, data, Internet, video, collaboration, and conferencing services on a single converged platform.

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  10. Daniel

    Just don’t use VoipGo. No incoming calls for more than 1 month. Fortunately, I had another number. Besides, it is the worst customer experience I ever had.

  11. dLight

    Another one that is bargain basement prices and not hard to set up if you are not spooked by technical things…
    LES.net costs $0.015/min. for all calls. Comes with voicemail and caller-id and possibly other features. If you want your own phone number (in select cities across Canada) it is $3.50/month. Look under Canadian DID. They also have a flat fee for unlimited calling for $8.88/month. (This is all from memory, so please check to be sure…)

    I am using a software phone called X-lite by counterpath.net that works in windows. Or any softphone should be able to be programmed to work with LES.net

    I don’t think I have seen anything cheaper than this. And no strings or conditions or loops to jump through.

    Peace to All

  12. Brian McLean

    You should also take a look at another Canadian VOIP provider, Atlantictelecom.ca
    I used to use Vonage, but Atlantic Telecom allow me unlimited USA/Canada & Europe for $19.99 month and no small print. They didnt lock the router either, which is one small gripe i had with Vonage – so im not tied into them in any way.

    So far the service has been excellent and for me is great value for money


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