Alec Saunders Takes Talkster for a Spin

Alec Saunders reviews Talkster, a new service that lets you make inexpensive cell phone calls anywhere in the world, and mobile to IM (Instant Messenger) calls. In Talkster’s words: “There are a couple of cool perks to note with the Talkster service; some of the most important being that there is no subscription to the service to buy (ala Rebtel), there is no software to download (ala Jajah), it works on the cell network you are already used to using (no 3G requirement ala Fring), and it works on the phone you already have today (not just select Java phones). It also works today, with popular IM services MSN, GoogleTalk, and Gizmo Project. In a nutshell, Talkster is the first company to enable mobile-to-PC Voice over IM (VoIM) calls, that works without software, on virtually any phone.” That sounds like something worth trying.

Alec reviews it using his Blackberry and he’s impressed by how easy it is to browse his list of contacts, view their online presence, and make calls. While the service works without software on virutally any phone that supports a browser, in reality only browser-friendly phones need apply. For example, my cell phone has a browser, but the phone itself is of the entry level variety so using the web enabled capabilities is awkward (I find). I’ll be giving Talkster a try with my basic handset and with my husband’s fancy one and I’ll add my comments to the mix.


One thought on “Alec Saunders Takes Talkster for a Spin

  1. adrian

    hey i have a nokia n80i.. since msn messenger offers live video feed to your buddies. does fring offer this? or just live call


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