Here be the “Fierce 15″

Dan Rosenbaum of FierceVOIP has posted his choices for best of breed for 2006, the “Fierce 15″. He casts a wide net, including infrastructure, enterprise and consumer VOIP solutions in his list. A few companies I recognize, many I don’t. Folks with important end-user applications or services of note include: iotumJajah, GrandCentral, SunRocket, SIPPhone (GizmoProject). To be considered “fierce”, he says companies have to explain themselves and their products clearly, without geekspeak. In many cases it was difficult looking past the sizzle to find the meat. I couldn’t agree more. Have a read. Agree or disagree!

2 thoughts on “Here be the “Fierce 15″

  1. jon arnold

    Hi VoIP Girl! Been meaning to check in to see how you’re doing! Liked today’s post and the SightSpeed post. Looks like we’re following the same things. My blog post today picked on the same companies you did. Great minds….

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