It’s a phone, it’s a mouse, it’s a phone…

Just saw this on the mouse-phone, no wait, phone-mouse from Genius. The Genius Navigator 380 apparantly supports Skype, MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, QQ, and AIM. When you get a voice call over IM, your mouse, er rings. Just snap it open and take the call. Kind of reminds me of Max Smart’s shoe phone.

3 thoughts on “It’s a phone, it’s a mouse, it’s a phone…

  1. Jim Hauer

    I thought, wow how cool is that until I realized that I won’t be able use my mouse to surf the web while I’m talking on the phone. No multitasking, no sale.

  2. VOIPGirl Post author

    I know, it seems silly doesn’t it. I think the product is targeted at laptop users–business people who travel a lot. Presumably when you use the phone, you use the laptop touchpad for mousing.


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