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Jeff Pulver started it, Andy Abramson followed, etc. etc. I was tagged by Peter Csathy and Ken Camp. Here are my five fascinating facts.

1) My hobby is cardmaking. Like I’m nuts about it. I have literally spent a small fortune on stamps, ink, paper, doo-dads, embellishments (that’s card lingo, you guys). I’ve even driven down to Seattle to attend a paper crafts conference. Yes, such things do exist.

2) I really really hate peas.

3) I grew up sailing with my family. A 34-foot trimaran my dad built. He still sails it today!

4) I worked for a company called Xinex in the early 90s. We built a “CTI” phone and buisness phone system based on a flavor of ATM (who needs IP, we scoffed). Imagine, voice AND data on the same wiring. Remarkable. Tom Keating’s post on CT/CTI got me reminiscing.

5) I harbor a longstanding promise to myself to write a novel.

Okay, so next I tag  Carolyn Schuk, Garrett Smith, and David Beckenmeyer.

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