GrandCentral Gizmo Test Drive

GrandCentral works like a charm forwarding to my Gizmo number. I am also lucky enough to be one of the first to beta test a Canadian GrandCentral number, which means this service will be even more practical for me to use. I’ve been wanting a local number for awhile; Gizmo only offers Canadian area codes in Manitoba and Ontario. Skype offers none at all.

So when you call my GrandCentral number (778-785-6755), I’ve set up GC to forward to Gizmo. What I haven’t quite figured out yet is the voicemail. My Gizmo calls that are ignored/unanswered are bumping to GrandCentral voicemail, which is fine. However, I also have Gizmo voicemail activated, so I get an email and WAV file from Gizmo with nothing “in” it so to speak.

I think this a little bit of the untidiness you see when one app is not fully intergrated with another. See Alec’s post. For more reviews on GrandCentral and Gizmo, see Andy, Garrett Smith, Ken Camp, and Paul Kaputska.

3 thoughts on “GrandCentral Gizmo Test Drive

  1. Lenny

    Are you just using the Gizmo softphone? I was thinking about purchasing a PAP2 and connecting it to my home wiring. My ultimate goal is to:

    1. Get rid of Vonage
    2. Use GC as my primary contact # (no local area code yet though)
    3. Have the ability to use my existing home phones (ala free sip #) for incoming calls
    4. Using click2call on GC, place free calls (while it lasts) using computer + existing home phones (ala free sip #)
    5. Using click2call on GC, place free calls (while it lasts) using computer + cell phones (nights/weekends)

    One of the problems with GC is not being able to initiate a call with a number that is not in your address book. And it would be really nice if you could initiate GC calls from your free gizmo/SIP number. I already pay enough money on cellphones – I don’t also want to pay for landline/regular VOIP service.

  2. Tyler

    Wow, how did you get a 778 grandcentral number? I’m totally jealous. I don’t see 778 offered on the “reserve a number for me” page at

  3. Ajith

    Additional Voicemail Features: Preventing voicemail from picking up calls

    If you don’t respond to a call within 15 seconds (by accepting, sending to voicemail, listening in on voicemail, or accepting and recording the call), GrandCentral will hang up.

    To prevent your cell phone, home, or work voicemail systems from recording dead air or the GrandCentral prompts, simply make your outgoing message on those systems to be longer than 15 seconds. Most cellular providers add at least five to 10 seconds of instructions at the end of your personal greeting. Keep that in mind when timing your cell phone voicemail greeting.7249


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