GrandCentral Gizmo Test Drive

GrandCentral works like a charm forwarding to my Gizmo number. I am also lucky enough to be one of the first to beta test a Canadian GrandCentral number, which means this service will be even more practical for me to use. I’ve been wanting a local number for awhile; Gizmo only offers Canadian area codes in […]

Nextfone is another choice for Canadians

Nextfone is another Canadian VOIP provider to add to my VOIP for Canadians list. At first glance, their offering looks similar to many others: two basic plans, a suite of free features, and a favorable comparison to other Canadian VOIP providers Bell and Vonage. What I like: Western Canada area codes and an actual phone number for customer […]

More VOIP Services for Canadians–Casting a Wider Net

I’ve had such a great response to my earlier post, VOIP Services for Canadians, I thought it worthwhile posting again with a number of additions. All these companies offer Canadian area codes. Some are US companies so you pay in US dollars. Testimonials (good or bad) about any of these folks are welcome: […]

Making the VOIP Decision

I recently had someone comment on my "moving on" from Vonage. "Moving on to what, I may ask?" You may. It’s a good question. I find it time consuming trying to figure out what service best suits me. For consumers, looking into VOIP is like unraveling a ball of string. Before you know it, you’ve got a […]

VOIP Services for Canadians

A friend of mine recently asked about VOIP services in Canada. Like me, he started with Vonage but has decided to look elsewhere. We both live in Vancouver and want a local 604 number. I discovered that at this point, there aren’t a lot of options. Thus began a search for services that support Canadian area […]

VOIP Glossary

Analog audio signals: Analog audio signals are used to transmit voice data over telephone lines. This is done by varying or modulating the frequency of sound waves to accurately reflect the pitch of the sound. The same technology is used for radio wave transmissions. ATA: ATA or the analog telephone adaptor is the hardware device […]