Least Cost Routing with AvantiMobile

This caught my eye today. AvantiMobile in the UK is marketing something called Least Cost Routing for mobile phones. When you make a call, the Avantimobile application in your phone checks to see if it can be routed cheaply through their VOIP network. If it can’t, the call goes through the regular cell network. You don’t have to […]

Here be the “Fierce 15″

Dan Rosenbaum of FierceVOIP has posted his choices for best of breed for 2006, the “Fierce 15″. He casts a wide net, including infrastructure, enterprise and consumer VOIP solutions in his list. A few companies I recognize, many I don’t. Folks with important end-user applications or services of note include: iotum, Jajah, GrandCentral, SunRocket, SIPPhone (GizmoProject). To be considered […]

Making the VOIP Decision

I recently had someone comment on my "moving on" from Vonage. "Moving on to what, I may ask?" You may. It’s a good question. I find it time consuming trying to figure out what service best suits me. For consumers, looking into VOIP is like unraveling a ball of string. Before you know it, you’ve got a […]

Quick Guide to VOIP Phone Terminology

Reprinted with permission from: www.quickstartvoip.com When shopping around for a VOIP phone, no doubt you’ll come across buzzwords like: softphone, SIP phone, IP phone, and Internet phone. Do all these terms mean the same thing, or is there a difference? Let’s take a look. VOIP phone or Broadband phone: A handset used to make VOIP […]