Vonage Traffic Reports and Weather

Vonage users can now receive local traffic reports from their Vonage phone by dialing 511. The coverage is something like 30 511 systems in 26 states. Vonage now also provides local weather the same way. Dial 700-WEATHER and then enter a 5-digit zip code. Kind of cool. Andy Abramson has some thoughts on it, and […]

Here be the “Fierce 15″

Dan Rosenbaum of FierceVOIP has posted his choices for best of breed for 2006, the “Fierce 15″. He casts a wide net, including infrastructure, enterprise and consumer VOIP solutions in his list. A few companies I recognize, many I don’t. Folks with important end-user applications or services of note include: iotum, Jajah, GrandCentral, SunRocket, SIPPhone (GizmoProject). To be considered […]