Call Landlines for Free with Truphone

In an announcement today, UK-based Truphonelaunches free calling from mobile Truphone customers in the US to landlines everywhere (well, 40 countries worldwide actually). This program is an extension of their UK launch promotion and will be in effect until the end of June. So if you really want give a great mobile VOIP application a […]

Truphone Talks with Google Talk

Truphone, one of the first to enable mobile Internet phone calls over Wi-Fi connections, now includes free calls to and from Google Talk users. Here’s a video from their press blog showing Truphone and Google Talk in action. I like this demo because it is low tech, sans marketing shtick, and shows someone actually using […]

PhoneBoy Talks about the Barriers to Video

I’ve been playing catchup a little this week so I’m reading the flurry of posts that started with SightSpeed’s Peter Csathy on Video as the Next Big Thing in Social Networking. Luca Filigheddu and Ken Camp had some interesting things to say. However, PhoneBoy really put it together for me. First, he says that until video is […]

Quick Guide to VOIP Phone Terminology

Reprinted with permission from: When shopping around for a VOIP phone, no doubt you’ll come across buzzwords like: softphone, SIP phone, IP phone, and Internet phone. Do all these terms mean the same thing, or is there a difference? Let’s take a look. VOIP phone or Broadband phone: A handset used to make VOIP […]

Truphone Brings Free VOIP to Mobile Phone Users

Truphone is a UK software developer that has just released free VOIP software for Nokia E series cell phones. Mobile calls are free forever to other Truphone users and, until the end of the year, free to landline phones as well. For Truphone to work, you must have Internet access to a Wi-Fi network, which […]

But Jajah Says No Headset is Best

Yes, I just bought a new headset. So when I read about Jajah’s new No Headset movement, I thought, ‘forget it Leanne, you can’t win’. They even have a web site: You can check out flicks of people trashing their headsets. (I’m not going to slapshot my shiny new $100 headset thanks.) However, my take […]


Hi and welcome to my blog about VOIP, voice over IP, Internet phone, broadband telephone, or whatever you feel inclined to call it. This is NOT a blog about women, or even necessarily about women who use VOIP services–I mean how boring is that. I called it The VOIP Girl because well I’m a gal. And […]

VOIP Spam–How bad is it?

I’ve been reading this week about NECs VOIP Seal anti-spam tool. VOIP Seal can detect if a call is computer generated and block it based on voice patterns. Alec Saunders also touched on it and pointed out that iotum is already anticipating the need for SPAM blocking with simple call screen capabity. GrandCentral does the same; they’ve got […]