Call Landlines for Free with Truphone

In an announcement today, UK-based Truphonelaunches free calling from mobile Truphone customers in the US to landlines everywhere (well, 40 countries worldwide actually). This program is an extension of their UK launch promotion and will be in effect until the end of June. So if you really want give a great mobile VOIP application a […]

Quick Guide to VOIP Phone Terminology

Reprinted with permission from: When shopping around for a VOIP phone, no doubt you’ll come across buzzwords like: softphone, SIP phone, IP phone, and Internet phone. Do all these terms mean the same thing, or is there a difference? Let’s take a look. VOIP phone or Broadband phone: A handset used to make VOIP […]

Comparing VOIP Services Before You Buy

From: Voice over the Internet phone service is no longer an exclusive preserve of techies. Scores of telecom companies, cable companies and young entrepreneurs have set up VoIP services. Each one claims to offer extra features and benefits. So how do you decide? If price/cost is your most important deciding factor, VOIP comparison sites are […]


Hi and welcome to my blog about VOIP, voice over IP, Internet phone, broadband telephone, or whatever you feel inclined to call it. This is NOT a blog about women, or even necessarily about women who use VOIP services–I mean how boring is that. I called it The VOIP Girl because well I’m a gal. And […]

Why is Vonage Still the Biggest?

In an article this week on TMCnet, the research firm TeleGeography reported that US subscribers using VOIP services rose 18 percent in the last quarter to 18.2 million with Vonage being the largest provider with 1.95 million subscribers. Why are they still the biggest?  Massive media campaigns on the web, TV, radio, and sporting events […]

Making the VOIP Decision

I recently had someone comment on my "moving on" from Vonage. "Moving on to what, I may ask?" You may. It’s a good question. I find it time consuming trying to figure out what service best suits me. For consumers, looking into VOIP is like unraveling a ball of string. Before you know it, you’ve got a […]

VOIP Transmission in a Nutshell

Reprinted with permission from: In order to use VoIP, both parties need a broadband connection. This is a high-speed Internet, or broadband connection usually provided by a cable or DSL modem. Broadband modems are usually used to connect computers to the Internet, but in the case of VoIP, computers are not necessary. The simplest form […]