Fring Now Supports Twitter

When Jon from Fring emailed me to say that they now support Twitter, I immediately thought of Phoneboy. If you follow his blog at all, you’ll know he is a Twitter devotee and frequently defends Twitter from jaded skeptics and nay-sayers. So, does this mean that  now we can expect Phoneboy to Fritter (Fring plus […]

Sippin’ with Fring

Luca got the scoop on this one this morning. (Or is it afternoon for him?) Fring now works with SIP services like Gizmo Project, VoipCheap, VoipStunt and Free World DialUp. It’s still in beta mode, but I’m going to download it today and see what’s what (handy to do on my Nokia N80i). Fring is […]

Fring does more, I didn’t know that!

I noticed when I opened Fring the other day on my Nokia N80i, that “poof” MSN Messenger is available alongside Skype and GoogleTalk for making VOIP calls. Cool. Luca in this week’s news roundup summarizes all the new features available in this release. He likes Fring, and I do too. Easy to install (which is kind […]

Fringing it on the Nokia N80i

I’ve installed Fring on my Nokia N80i and got it working. (Yahoo!!) I won’t bore you again with my installation woes but this time I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me that was the problem. When connected to a Wi-Fi access point, I’m able to make and receive calls and/or chats from Skype contacts. Of all the softphone-type VOIP […]

More to VOIP than Vonage

I saw a post yesterday on the Motley Fool called “Avoid the VOIP Value Trap“. It’s reader is the investor looking for the “next home run stock”. The gist of writer Dave Mok is to avoid investing in VOIP like the plague. “Internet telephony is a novel application that leverages existing infrastructure to deliver comparable services at lower […]

Lots More Mobile VOIP to Choose From

Have you noticed that it’s raining mobile VOIP these days? Information Week asserts that VOIP has finally hit the mainstream wireless market and points to Fring, JaJah Mobile and Windows Mobile 6 as indicators who’ve all had new announcements this week. Truphone is also part of that crowd. Tom Keating reviews Jajah Mobile on his blog. Check […]

Alec Saunders Takes Talkster for a Spin

Alec Saunders reviews Talkster, a new service that lets you make inexpensive cell phone calls anywhere in the world, and mobile to IM (Instant Messenger) calls. In Talkster’s words: “There are a couple of cool perks to note with the Talkster service; some of the most important being that there is no subscription to the […]