Truphone (David) and T-Mobile (Goliath) Story Continues

By now the VOIP world knows of Truphone’s victory in court over mobile giant T-Mobile. Yesterday, UK Truphone won an injunction against T-Mobile blocking calls to Truphone users: For the last month, anyone calling a Truphone number on T-Mobile network would hear a "Number not in service" message. By Monday, July 23, T-Mobile has been […]

Call Landlines for Free with Truphone

In an announcement today, UK-based Truphonelaunches free calling from mobile Truphone customers in the US to landlines everywhere (well, 40 countries worldwide actually). This program is an extension of their UK launch promotion and will be in effect until the end of June. So if you really want give a great mobile VOIP application a […]

PhoneGnome Feature: Reach Beyond

Just got my PhoneGnome newsletter and learned about a new feature they’ve been offering for awhile but haven’t announced until now. Reach Beyond is  a paid premium service that allows you to choose 10 frequently called non-PhoneGnome numbers that you can make unlimited calls to for around $5/month. Perfect for calling aging Aunties far away […]

GrandCentral Fights Phone Spam

Today, GrandCentral announced a new community-wide service designed to fight annoying telemarketers and other phone spam agents. The PhoneSpam filter lets both visitors and GrandCentral users report unwanted callers to a community list at Once the number is confirmed, it is added to the PhoneSpam filter. For GrandCentral users who have the spam filter enabled, calls […]

PhoneGnome Tip for 10-digit Local Dialing

One appealing feature of PhoneGnome is that it can automatically detect when you are making a local call and when you are dialing long distance. However, local dialing in my area is 10-digits. In other words, I have to dial the area code then the number. In many other places, local calls are still the 7-digit […]

PhoneGnome Phenom!

I’ve had my PhoneGnome for about a week now and so far I’m really happy with it. What a great product! It marries the best of low cost Internet calling with the safety and reliability of regular landline service. It just works… PhoneGnome-to-PhoneGnome calls are crystal clear and regular landline calls are, well, regular landline calls. […]

Quick Guide to VOIP Phone Terminology

Reprinted with permission from: When shopping around for a VOIP phone, no doubt you’ll come across buzzwords like: softphone, SIP phone, IP phone, and Internet phone. Do all these terms mean the same thing, or is there a difference? Let’s take a look. VOIP phone or Broadband phone: A handset used to make VOIP […]

New Look, New Feature for Jangl

On Wednesday Jangl announced a new service called “Call Anyone” that allows you to get a phone number for someone just by entering their email address. With “Call Anyone” you enter someone’s email address on Jangl’s homepage  You are then given a local phone number to call them (even if they’re long distance, you get a number […]